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Travel Innovation

 Nextztore - Markets Digital Travel Information File.

 Now is the best time to add file for travel and tourism companies

 Nextztore - An online global store that offers the opportunity to purchase tourism Brochure digitally.

 It can provide information to resorts, tourist homes, home stays, restaurants and travel agencies.

 Many travel agencies currently operate as business agencies.  But the specialty of this is that the person who bought the brochure will get the opportunity to contact the buyer and do business with them.  But no commission will be placed on this.

   Each company has its own tourism websites, but the owner does not know who got the information.  However, Nextztore Global will search for information and obtain the information about the buyers of Brochure

It has a global service fee of 8640 rupees per year.  But now the special offer fee has been reduced to Rs 1800.

 This enables your customer to get information from any corner of the globe and to know the person investigating.  With each query, tourism services can be improved without any cost.

 How Nextztore Travel Service works.

 Tourists search the regular travel marts and either book a business or book through any travel online agency.  When doing this, the full details of the organization, its special services, the location and the weather information are not available for booking through such agencies.  But through nextztore.

 customers will be able to find out exactly where they want to stay and get direct booking at specific rates.  The information provided by the inquiring agency is forwarded only after the communication address of the person requesting the information.  This will be made available to the members.  

  • Direct download format
  • No hidden charges
  • Direct selling 
  • Up to 89 % Response rate